Hello and welcome! My name is Joelle. I’m an Occupational Therapist by trade, a level II Reiki practitioner, a non-denominational ordained minister, and a Compassionate Presence and Self-Love Practitioner.  I am also the author of the book called Unfolding the Sun; A Poetic Guide to Letting Yourself Shine!   It is a poetic record; my personal journey of looking inward and transforming: from a state of unconscious and unworthy to more aware, self-loyal and self-loving.

I have been writing poetry for 30 years and journaling for just as long.  I have found writing to be a catalyst for self-discovery and nurturing my relationship with the Divine.  It is how I experience and express myself in the world.  I suppose you could call me a seeker.  I have suspected from a young age that there must be something more to life and living other than following established rules, being controlled by our conditioning and simply working, earning money, raising family and retiring. As years passed I became less satisfied with the status quo and experienced myself as becoming separated from the relationships in my life I thought were deep and solid.  Among those relationships were those with friends, my church, my relationship with myself and with God.  I experienced betrayal, abandonment and separation because I believed myself as  “not worthy of love”.  Of course, I now know this to be a falsehood I believed about myself.

I was the kind of person who was shy, introverted, fearful of life and of people.  I separated myself from life out of fear.  I sought to please people, intuiting their needs and striving to meet them; sometimes even before they were spoken.  And ignored or swallowed my own needs and wants in defference to those of others’ so they would love me.  I consciously and unconsciously manipulated others by playing weak, withdrawing and pouting, among other destructive behaviors.  All to get the thing I so desperately wanted…Love.

I thought it came from others, from outside myself and I yearned for it, sought after it, entered relationships to “get” it, and looked everywhere for it, except the one place it already was…inside myself.

After a series of progressively destructive relationships (or I should say, ultimately, enlightening relationships), I became angry and could no longer hold my words, hold back my wants, needs, or opinions.  And after much introspection, self-inquiry, spiritual study, and multiple energy healing sessions, I have come to know myself and love myself.  And I am the happiest I have ever been.  I feel unconditional joy coming from within and I am no longer capable of self-betrayal…only self-loyalty, out of a growing love for myself and a burgeoning new relationship with an unconditionally loving God.

My purpose and prayer is to live love, to be love, and this book records a part of my inner journey toward fulfilling my purpose. But, to be love, I realize I first have to learn self-love.  This book is my chronicle toward unfolding that Love in myself.

I pray you find the resources and guides that resonate with you on your path to your Heart and to loving you just as you are. Because, YOU are the Sun that is unfolding.

May your comings and goings be rooted in the Shining Stillness that you are unfolding.